Fabrics range

Cotton fabrics manufacturing, in Flers in the Orne region

Located in Flers (Normandy), we mainly present fabrics in plain cotton and laminated or thermo-adhesive textiles depending on your final use.

Different finishing touches are available: anti-stain, anti-filtering, water-repellent (fluorinated resin) or coated finishes (acrylic or polyurethane coating).

Not only can we customize your linings – either your drawings or your logo – with a rotary cylinder printing but we also custom-cut your fabrics to any size you wish.

Depending on your projects, we can offer a transfer printing or a digital printing, while producing customized colors.

Our fabrics are generally used in several industries such as: leather, leather goods, luggage, footwear, sports and dance shoes, safety shoes… Make your choice amongst several features such as lamination, floating lining for leather goods or thermo-adhesive lining for your vamps or shoe quarters.

Of course, you can contact us at any time for more information or to ask for a meeting with one of our specialists.

Thermo-adhesive canvas, textile lining…

With our different coating applications and glues (EVA, PE, POLYESTER, P.U., COPOLYAMIDE), we are able to put thermo-adhesive linings on your fabrics and leathers.


We supply a range of products going from very light canvases (calico, reinforced, Longotte, cotton cloth), curved canvases (jersey or Brocken) and many twills.

Day after day, we get even more non-woven thermo-adhesive fabrics in our product range, enabling many possible finishing touches.

Usual names have become generic names such as Gutta, thermo-reinforcement, cosiness, finettes, curved canvas, cambered canvas.

Gamme de tissus
Gamme de tissus

Fabrics canvas

The finishing touches are multiple thanks to collage and thermo-adhesive techniques. For example: métis fabric, cotton, laminated linen, laminated denim, laminated tarpaulin and laminated ½ braided fabric, reversible fabrics…

Gamme de tissus
Gamme de tissus
Gamme de tissus

Fabrics collection and textiles for various uses

Our niche markets are multiple: dance shoes (satin, elastane twill, first of cleanliness) or pouches for packaging…

Do not hesitate to let us know about your projects…